Handball, the reasons for the French success

Handball, the reasons for the French success


If the handball is the first discipline to bring a brace of girls to boys in sport French collective, it must first to his boys, who dominate their subject for nearly a quarter of a century. In twenty-two years, the team of France male has won two olympic titles (2008 and 2012), six crowns world (1995, 2001, 2009, 2011, 2015 and 2017) and three european titles (2006, 2010 and 2014). This harvest of success has made the selection tricolor male the best of all the team sports in French.The novelty is that the harvest has also won the field of the girls, who had played a tone below over the same period. Of course, they had been the sacred world champions in 2003 under the leadership of their coach, history, Olivier Krumbholz, but a net decline in the period of the London olympics had led the technician to the output, and its protected to a deep crisis.Recalled at the beginning of January 2016, the old lion, Krumbholz has taken advantage of his disgrace transient to renew itself, and return with new methods on the level of the technical preparation and mental. The victory of Blue is also one of this man of 59 years old, husband of a former captain of the Blue in the 1970s. It is he who has brought the team of France on track of success, enabling him to glean the three colors of medals at the past three international competitions : silver at the olympic Games in Rio, the bronze at the Euro 2016, and now the world’s gold.see also : Handball, French goldA pool of new recruits from neighborhoodsEven if the technicians play a major role in the sports room, where they are in direct contact with their players, you can’t reduce the performance of the two teams to France in the quality of their coaches, Claude Onesta (supplemented during the World 2017 by Didier Dinart and Guillaume Gille) and Olivier Krumbholz.The success of these coaches has a lot to the excellent work of detection of the French Federation, which relies on a pool of new recruits who often have family origins in the countries of the East, or even in the overseas territories, where the handball is well established. The tight networking of good clubs semi-pros or professionals French then enables the young shoots of hope to make a profession out of this game learned in school.Easy to organize in the gyms, handball is one of the safe values of school sport, especially in the institutions of the communities where its physical aspect, or even warrior, seduces the young boys and girls. Without the imposition of measurements atypical such as basketball, it has gradually become the popular sport of all mixtures. And the world title from these girls, blondes or brunettes, very young, or experienced, is also one of such diversity.see also : Claude Onesta will prepare the athletes for the Games of Paris 2024

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