Rugby – Blue – The numbers Guy Novès to the head of l'team France

Rugby – Blue – The numbers Guy Novès to the head of l'team France

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Guy Novès is no longer the coach of the France team. Beyond any consideration, its balance sheet will inevitably be weighed in the decision of Bernard Laporte.

Rugby - Bertrand Lagacherie - Guy Novès has finished his term isolated. (F. Seguin/Team)

Guy Novès has finished his term isolated. (F. Seguin/L’equipe)

The mandate of Guy Novès at the head of the XV of France is finished, completed on the ruins of a tour in November calamitous. But the evil had been brewing for much longer. Highest ranking coach in France with four Cups european championships (1996, 2003, 2005, 2010) and ten titles of champion of France (1989, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2008, 2011, 2012), Novès has not succeeded with the XV of France what he had done with the Stade Toulousain.

Too much loosen

Guy Novès has led 21 matches of the XV de France and will not have on its balance sheet than seven wins (13 losses and a draw). A win percentage half-starved (33 %) which he will never be allowed to go to the end of his famous game project. An accumulation of defeats that have prevented the XV of France to liberate himself on the ground and to work calmly between the two matches.

6 France has never been placed higher than sixth nation in the world (April 2017) under Guy Novès. She is currently ninth.

Under the direction of Novès, the French team scored 428 points and conceded 474. The Blues have recorded 40 trials (1.9 per game) when they were 47 (2.2 per game). A lack of success regularly pointed out, both by the staff that the players, who will finally have been fatal to Guy Novès, guilty of not having been able to install in the France team, this game which had been the strength of the Stade Toulousain.

33 The winning percentage of the XV of France under the mandate of Guy Novès.

A team in limbo

If the balance sheet carrying Guy Novès is far too low for a man of his ambition, his relationship with his players appears to also be a problem. There was static on the line in terms of management, that the message of the rigorous Novès does not pass well with a young generation that has need of freedom, this is probably a response to the failure of the technician. But it must be confessed that there is never too much knew where he wanted to go and, most importantly, with who he wanted to make the path.

On 21 matches Novès at the head of the Blue, there were no fewer than nine hinges different to the kick-off. If this problem of stability to this key position does not date from yesterday, it is clear that Guy Novès has been unable to find a solution. Of course, the injury of François Trinh-Duc in the beginning of the mandate, and that of Camille Lopez currently have hardly helped the staff to find stability. But the alternation forced between Maxime Machenaud and Baptiste Serin denotes a lack of confidence obvious to the scrum halves. The tests of November, with the hinge Dupont – Belleau aligned to face the All Blacks and the Springboks, and then sacrificed in the face of Japan, is symptomatic of this lack of continuity that has been finally fatal to the staff.

74 Guy Novès, mid-term, and has already used 74 players. In comparison, Philippe Saint-André and Marc Lièvremont had called 83. But in four years.

These figures illustrate one of the main difficulties encountered by Guy Novès and his staff, namely, the lack of continuity in the performances of the selected players. Between injuries and drops in form, it has been very difficult to draw a team type convincing.


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