Rugby – Top 14 – SF – Olivier Azam (Stade French) : “We went to look for him”

Rugby – Top 14 – SF – Olivier Azam (Stade French) : “We went to look for him”


“Do you sense that the spell has turned in your favour during this victory against the UBB (22-12) ?

It is true that we can not complain. The turning point of the match, this is the yellow card that the referee, we removed the video after having acknowledged his mistake. It’s nice that he has acknowledged his mistake and has been rectified. But we went to look for it. Even if not everything was perfect, even if it drops a lot of balls, even if it is played backwards at times, it has deployed a lot of energy and it is especially that enabled us to win the match.

For his return, Djibril Camara has been rather impressive.

He returned, he brand. He has done a great job of speed with François Castex, our physical trainer, but I think that honestly, it is out of the game on this test.

there has been a lot of waste in the transmission, it is connected with difficult conditions ?

It was actually played in difficult conditions, the field was a dangerous area and it has probably cost me a knee sprain (Remi Bonfils). The playing conditions were not obvious. Nevertheless, the retention was good and enabled us to move forward in the second half. But I’m happy for the players because it is a game that we had to prepare in forty hours due to mandatory days off. Still, we don’t talk about it much, but you have to turn a dozen injured since the beginning of the season. As a result one is used to retrieve four or five players later in the week, and to align them with a single training in the legs. Here, it is the whole team that was able to get by with a single training.”

P.-M. B., Jean-Bouin

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