Rugby – Top 14 – RCT – Fabien Galthié, manager of Toulon, said no to the XV of France

Rugby – Top 14 – RCT – Fabien Galthié, manager of Toulon, said no to the XV of France


“you are he failed to succeed in a better result in the face Toulouse ?

It was sustained for at least fifty minutes, and it has not been precise enough. We were under pressure, and it was difficult to go back to the score. We did not let go, we stayed near Toulouse, but we took too many points at the start of the second half-time. This is unfortunate because there may be better things to do.

Toulouse seemed to prenable at the end of the game, and the entry of fresh players would have been able to make a difference…

In the last twenty minutes, we resumed the hand, it is true, we managed to put a bit of speed, to pass through, while it was not always managed before. We could get something else if we had been more effective, if it had been better negotiated these situations. If we had been more pragmatic.

Feed so regrets about this match ?

No, honestly, there are no regrets. We took a point, it is deserved I believe. We have not done what they needed to hope for something better. We would have preferred to win, of course, but we will settle for it in the current circumstances.

reasons for satisfaction, perhaps ?

The satisfaction, it is to be back in the game and even having one or two balloons interesting to play. One is five points, it can turn in a different direction… But, I repeat myself, but the score of this match reflects the physiognomy of the party.

A word on the France team ? Are you, yes or no, candidate a role in the staff ?

there is a lot of debate around this France team. We are club coach, the workload, the pressure in daily life do not allow us to do something else. If the team of France I am interested in ? It depends on the time. There, today, it is impossible. What is considered good sense, something coherent. But in the current formula, it is inconceivable.”

P. P., Toulouse

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