Football : suspension control technology of the goal line

Football : suspension control technology of the goal line


The evening of Wednesday, January 10, of the League Cup has proved a very eventful one, in which the arbitral body would have gone well. Two games have once again highlighted the shortcomings of the technological assistance to the arbitration, the famous Goal Line Technology, the system is supposed to enable the electronic watch of the referee as soon as the ball crosses the goal line.This device should not be confused with the video support (the use by the arbitrator in the analysis of colleagues installed in an ob van), which is only of the firstfruits, to be satisfactory overall so far.To read : first successful video supportweeks of malfunctionsAs in League 1, at the match Troyes-Amiens on 16 December last, the Goal Line Technology has yet to reality Wednesday, 10 during two matches of the League Cup. In the 78e minute of Amiens-PSG, the Parisian Adrien Rabiot scored of the head. But while Parisians were celebrating the goal to the midfielder, the referee of the match had still not validated the goal because his watch had not vibrated… A minute later, after viewing the video, mr. Rainville was eventually granted the goal, completely valid.another bug had already happened in the evening at Angers-Montpellier. At the 45e minute, Ikoné, left side, centered to Congré, who came to cut the path to the first pole. If the defender is able to move the ball, it was not that close to the right post of Butelle. However, the referee of the meeting, Mr. Buquet, he felt his watch vibrate and has requested the assistance of video. A false alarm, since the action was harmless, the ball having missed far beyond the scope.The ultimatum from the football League was not enoughThese two incidents are a very bad publicity to the company Goal Control, received recently by the LFP, and that was to send an ultimatum. The company undertook to strengthen its operative personnel and to correct the arrangement of the cameras focused on the goals, hampered in her movements of the flags of supporters. Apparently, the limits of the patience of the officials of professional football have been exceeded.According to information initially unveiled by l’equipe and confirmed in the stride by the director-general of the League of football Didier Quillot, the contract is suspended until a final decision of the Board of directors who will vote on this contract. The general principle of this technology, which has proven itself since its official introduction at the 2014 world Cup, is, to him, not question.If the rupture of the contract with the company Goal Control is endorsed by the Board of directors, which appears highly likely, Didier Quillot has indicated that the League would likely to other service providers.

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