Formula E – The GP of Paris of Formula E in the viewfinder

Formula E – The GP of Paris of Formula E in the viewfinder

Formula E

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The environmental group in Paris has asked for accounts about the ecological cost and financial ePrix Formula E held from 2016 in the capital.

motorsport - Formula E - What is the future for Formula E to Paris ? (T. Gromik/Team)

What is the future for Formula E to Paris ? (T. Gromik/The Team)

as the city of Paris does its best to limit, and then prohibit, the heat engines in the capital, here ePrix Formula E organized since 2016 is in the crosshairs of the environmental group in Paris. In an open letter, he says he wants “access agreement binding the city to the different partners of this sporting event”.

indeed, for David Belliard, president of the group, the figures could be questionable. the “the promoters of The motor-racing self-attributing publicly footprints environmental and carbon low, we would like to know the details of energy expenditure and CO2 production related to its organization. Put bitumen on kilometres away in Paris for only a few hours, ecologically, this is not good at all”, he said.

the side of the municipality, it is suggested, first, that the award is financed by the organizers and not the city. Then, “On the carbon footprint of the event, everything is done to the limit : the material is to be shipped by boat, the asphalt is reused in Paris. And in the context of a programme that promotes the mobility, sustainable and innovative, this event has its place in Paris.”

For information, the city of Montreal (Canada) waived to accommodate the edition 2018 in the championship of Formula E because of a too important cost to the municipality, the new mayor Valerie Plant, having qualified the previous edition of the fiscal fiasco. The next ePrix paris should take place on the 28th of April.


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