Basketball – Blue – Joel Embiid : The Blues ? “You never know”

Basketball – Blue – Joel Embiid : The Blues ? “You never know”


The interior of cameroon Sixers Joel Embiid (2,13 m, 23 years) there was not yet a “national sport”. A native of Yaounde, Cameroon, he lives in the United States and has family in France. When asked about the choice he might have to do in the future, during the press conference after the match in London (defeat of Philadelphia, 103-114 front in Boston), he has not closed the door to… the team of France.

“I don’t come from France, has-t-he recalled, but this would be a great opportunity. the I of the family. For now, I’ve had no offers, Cameroon, France, or elsewhere, but you never know.” The French Federation had not waited for this declaration to be interested in the case of Joel Embiid. But this statement will no doubt not go unnoticed.

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