The Blue of handball, in praise of transmission

The Blue of handball, in praise of transmission


” as Thierry Omeyer, Daniel Narcisse and Nikola Karabatic will be there, they will give France this advance on opponents who have, at this time, a player and a half exception to the maximum. “ And expressed in 2010 Daniel Costantini.The man who put the handball French on the rails of success in the previous decade, as the generation of the “Morons” comment, then the great tripled “Experts” coming in to line up three securities outstanding at the 2008 olympic Games, the World 2009 and the Euro 2010.Eight years later, at the time of the start of the Euro 2018 in Croatia (from 12 to 28 January), turns a page of the Blue. They can only rely on their triplet magic. Goalkeeper Thierry Omeyer, 41 years old, and the back Daniel Narcisse, 38 years old, have definitively tidied up their bikini international in may 2017. The team of France she lost with them the margin of safety that evoked Daniel Costantini in 2010 ?This would be to forget very quickly the art of the transmission that is the hallmark of the handball habs for over fifteen years. To find traces of a great upheaval in the Blues, he should just go back to the era Costantini. Its Morons have launched the infernal machine of 1992 (bronze in Barcelona) to 1996 (with a fourth-place Atlanta Games) through the first world title in 1995. But we must then replace the heavyweights of the era (Frederick Volle, Denis Lathoud, Philip Guard).To (re)read : the Handball, the reasons for the French successin Praise of constanceIn the team that won bronze at the World 1997 in Japan, there are nine new kids on 16. In the following years, the workforce will also be fluctuating. And the game sheet of Blue World 2001 won at home bears little resemblance to that of 1997 : Eleven guys on 16 have been renewed.But in this team are already the “young” soon-to-tell of beautiful tomorrows. Thierry Omeyer and Daniel Narcisse, the brothers Gille, Didier Dinart and Jerome Fernandez, all under the age of 25 years. It is with them that Claude Onesta took over and around them he constructed the epic blue.not All of it has certainly not made in a day. The master at playing Onesta was heckled in 2004-2005, before that his method is not imposed after the first coronation of european Blue in 2006. But since then, the group applies to evolve, always with a core of elders, who serves as the framework for recruits.Ten players, olympic champions in 2008, will double the bet in 2012. Praise of constancy. And successful integration. Luc Abalo first, then William Accambray before Valentine’s day Door to “grow up” as well. Of the thirty-somethings who breathe the flame to a handful of young people aged 20 to 25 years, the best way to spread the fire on the ground. As the ambition is now engraved in the frontispiece of the team of France. the ” We don’t come to play, but to win, and it perpetuates itself “, often stresses Claude Onesta.see also : Claude Onesta will prepare the athletes for the Games of Paris 2024Stay on topThis law of the eternal renewal can still be seen in Croatia, where the Blues face Austria in their second match this Sunday, 14 January? Didier Dinart and Guillaume Gille, who since last year to ensure the succession of Claude Onesta, compare happy to the current situation of the group in the context of pre-Euro 2014.This year, these two “tauliers” of the Blue retiring, and the French team must also deal with a series of injuries. Result : these Experts who were not the favorites won their third european title and the record of goals scored in the final of an international tournament (41-32 in the face to the host country, Denmark).Without Thierry Omeyer and Daniel Narcisse in Croatia, the Blue ones are, this year, also embarrassed by an avalanche of packages depriving them in particular of William Accambray, Ludovic Fabregas and Olivier Nyokas. Perfect context to put again to the test the science of the transition group.After the olympic Games in Rio and the double silver medal of the boys and girls, the national technical director Philippe Bana, in office since 1999, stated : ” Our generation has kept the fear of going back. We have just come out of nowhere and we don’t want to go back there. “ Stay at the top : an obsession. She was satisfied in 2017 with the double world title, male and female. A bis repetita in 2018 would not be a miracle.see also : 2018 is a rich sporting year————————–The relay master to play” My idea, it is to me clear manner natural, “ explained Claude Onesta, starting in 2014. Of which act. The craftsman is major to the success of the France team since 2001 with its collaborative method of accompaniment of the players has prepared his succession, not as a king adoubant dolphins but as a smuggler disseminating its know-how.former Blue Didier Dinart and his deputy, Guillaume Gille are gradually rose in power from 2015, to take a final the keys of the house in 2017. Those who wondered if there could be a life for the Blues after Claude Onesta had their answer : the world title home conquered in January 2017.Then of course, Claude Onesta is still present, a general manager now in the forums, steward committed to clearing away the stresses extra-sporting. But the success of this passage of relay, which is rare in the sports world, confirms the excellence of a model.

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