The cyclo-cross pedal to get out of the rut

The cyclo-cross pedal to get out of the rut


A great battle is announced Sunday, January 14, from 15: 15 on the circuit of Quelneuc (Morbihan). They will be at least six runners to be able to claim the title of champion of France elite, cyclo-cross, at the end of a week-end breton which will include most categories of the discipline.Steve Chainel is not the last on the list of favorites. At 34 years of age, the Vosges, which put an end to his cycling career on the road in 2015 to focus on his specialty, is sharp as ever. He promises to wear a nice shirt, the Team Chazal-Canyon, the team 100 % cyclo-cross which he founded and has directed for three years.Only two training display recognizedA rarity in France. There are currently two training display recognized by the international cycling Union and composed only of cyclo-cross riders. Steve Chainel is sparing no efforts to change the game. In the middle, they are suddenly many to applaud the work of the ” savior “, a label he denies. the ” above all I want to show a real optimism, because our sport has a great potential of development “, provides the champion.A read : Cycling, the pension 106 years old Robert MarchandThis is the paradox with which is currently being discussed by the cyclo-cross in France. Young people, especially minimal and cadets, are legion at the start of the competitions. Around the tours, the public often responds to this, attracted by spectacular races completed in one hour. However, trials will disappear, and the image of the historic cyclo-cross Lanarvily (Finistère), born in 1958, a bastion of discipline, which received last year and for the fifth time in the championships of France. The organisers have this year dropped the case.” There are a lot of white hair among the leaders and volunteers. Some are worn with research budgets of more and more complicated with local communities, which limit their financing and private sector partners have the choice to go to sports more visible “, notes Yvon Pindilic, one of the leaders of the cyclo-cross Committee of Britain from the French cycling Federation (FFC).” The hopes for a promising emerging “the most prestigious races, such as those of the Coupe de France, are only four since last year and will require a prize pool of € 100 000. The events more modest only need 6 000 to 10 000 €, but these are much more difficult to find as the champions are also increasingly rare.” All the years, the hopes, promising to emerge, but they do not want to stay smicards by just at the cyclo-cross and meet the great teams of cycling on the road “, explains Clément Philippon, a young organizer who comes all the same to begin creating with some success in the cyclo-cross Troyes-Rosières (Aube). “Or these teams, faced with seasons getting longer, not send little riders will prepare for the cyclo-cross winter. “read : The sports champions anonymous 2017From where the approach promoted by Steve Chainel, who sees the outcome as in the creation of teams specifically dedicated to the discipline. the ” In the matter, we are on the right track, he swears. the I receive now many RESUME of young French but also Belgians, Poles, Czechs. “Of scarce financial resourcesIt is not the only one to want to believe it. The two French teams present will be joined next winter by that of Charvieu-Chavagneux, in Isère, with in its ranks Fabien Canal, one of the contenders for the title this weekend in Quelneuc. the ” of course, our meager resources are still a brake, takes Steve Chainel. in My team currently shooting with five riders and technicians, all volunteers. Our budget is ten times less than those of the top teams in belgium or the netherlands who dominate our sport. But I want to believe that we will be able to compete within the next three years. “Video : 105-year-old, Robert Marchand is the oldest cyclist in the worldThe champion praises the qualities of his sport : racing exciting, which can lead to the capture of images attractive – the FFC also requires that since last year the organisers of world Cup events in France to guarantee a retransmission via the Internet ; a user-friendliness evident in the races with riders available to the public ; circuit more techniques in ” who do cyclo-cross a true motorsport entered a new era “. Conclusion combative Steve Chainel : ” I am of the younger generation who wants. “—————————–A very long famineThere was a distant time where the cyclo-cross was a matter exclusively French. In the 1950s, when Roger Rondos and André Dufraisse dominated outrageously the first world championships of the discipline. Since, it is the great desert for the Blues, with the only world title of Dominique Arnould in 1993. The belgians, Dutch and Czechs prevail. the ” Our cyclo-cross is no longer the place it should have “, regrets Sylvain Duployer.The new boss of the federal disciplinary in the last six months, however, is to believe in the capacity of rebound of the discipline. the ” We will support the professionalization of the organizers of the races and try to win new partners by playing in particular on the aspect of nature which can be in the air, ” he stressed. the I let myself two years to initiate a new dynamic. “

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