Open d'Australia (H) – Jo-WilfriedTsonga : “Play tennis, and make me happy”

Open d'Australia (H) – Jo-WilfriedTsonga : “Play tennis, and make me happy”

Australian Open (Men)

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Arrived in Melbourne from the 1st January, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga has said, this Saturday at the press conference, its preparation, its desires and the numerous injuries that affect the circuit since a few months.

Tennis - Australian Open - last season, Tsonga has reached the quarter-fiinale in Melbourne. (LUTTIAU/Team)

last season, Tsonga has reached the quarter-fiinale in Melbourne. (LUTTIAU/The Team)

“You have not played tournament before the Australian Open. How will your preparation be like ?
I made a long break after the Davis Cup. It was the first time that I coupais as much. I had decided to come here earlier to acclimatize to the conditions and put me back to the time difference. I made the first block of training at home and then I came here and I am prepared. This is the first time that I come as early as 1 January in Melbourne. I think that’s good. It helps with the jetlag, which is when even ten hours, so you got the head upside down for three, four days. When I arrived, I was able to take a little time for that, not necessarily immediately be in the hard. I’ve done the first five days with Lucas (Apulia), after there was much more of the world here so it has turned out. As we had planned not to play the tournaments of before, it was said that it would be nice to be able to gather here and train.

You are not anxious to start the first Grand Slam of the season without match in the legs ?
of Course I would prefer to have a few matches, have played a little more. But it must be reasonable. We finished very late in the season. If I decided to start my season now, it is also because I was a little tired of my year 2017, which was very busy and physically has been quite trying for me. As in the beginning of the year I had to stop, I had to go back, redo the effort, then go up to the cup, so I needed to cut it down a bit and recover. For the moment I feel really well to training, but this is not a guarantee of success. There is only at the end of the tournament that I will be able to tell if it was the right choice or not. I do not ask too many questions, I want to play, I’m happy to be here. I have the preparation that I have. I thought that was what was most logical. In addition, when I stopped after the Davis Cup, I was a little sore all over, I had some minor injuries to the right, to the left, which it was necessary that I care.

“to Be hurt, it is my normality”

Why did you come to Melbourne without your coach Thierry Ascione ?
I’d need to be a little stand-alone. Last year was a big year. I just want to play a game of tennis, take pleasure in playing tennis, don’t tell me : That is what I’ve done, what I haven’t done well ? Me release a bit of that, just play tennis and make me happy. I think I deserve it. I don’t think I have past the age of having someone on the back, it is always interesting with Thierry, we had good exchanges and it will continue. But for this Australian Open, I wanted to be a little more in the family, with my brother, my sweetheart and my little.

What do you think of the many injuries that hit the circuit for a few months ?
It makes a little laugh because now that they are adults who are injured, we wonder what’s going on. But it has always been like that ! The game is demanding. It is rather to highlight, that is the magic of these guys who have spent a whole career without getting a sore, and never miss a great event, winning it all. The rest, it is the normality. To be hurt, to have hurt a little here or there, this is my normality in any case. I have always lived my sport is like that and it started from the very beginning. I’ve always had bad. I had a herniated disc I had pain for six years. I played with the pain, there was no choice. If you have a disk going, which is no longer there, bah he’s not here, I’m not going to provide it. It is like that. All of a sudden, they return to normal. Before that, they were exceptional, incredible. Roger it will almost be twenty years old. He misses virtually no Grand Slam, before he decides to say no, that I don’t want to play it. This it is, which is outstanding. The injury, it is normal, it is the wear and tear. The game gets harder, therefore, to go to the end of the tournaments, it is more and more hard. Therefore, to recover of the tournaments, it is more and more hard. Everything becomes more hard. It seems logical that one would not necessarily be at the top all the time.”

Quentin Moynet, Melbourne

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