Jose Mourinho should take charge of Leeds not Man United – Cellino – ESPN FC

Cellino’s ownership of the club has been controversial throughout. He was banned from running the club due to a tax evasion offence after buying them, then last week a former employee, Lucy Ward, won a case of unfair dismissal and sex discrimination against them.

But he made no attempt to hide the fact that he and Evans have a fiery relationship. “He talks too much,” Cellino added. “He has to learn to shut his mouth. I’ve told him so many times to stop, you have no idea. But he doesn’t.”

“For me a good coach still has to show he’s a good coach. Come here and show me.”

On speculation that Italy World Cup-winning defender Fabio Cannavaro is being considered, Cellino said: “I’m 100 percent not looking to appoint Cannavaro as manager. There’s not one chance.”

“You want to play football — come with me to Leeds. Mourinho, like others, has to ask himself if he is still a coach. How do you find out? By going to Manchester United?

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  1. Yes indeed. With a sexual harassment complaint against mourinho, it only makes sense for a club which just lost an SH case to hire him. A perfect match!

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