Watch … Messi’s shot with the Barcelona coaching staff raises controversy

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Still, the match in which Barcelona stumbled against Celta Vigo (2-2) in the Spanish League, last Saturday, raises controversy, due to the events that accompanied it, whether in the dressing rooms after the meeting or during it.

And Spanish media circulated widely, exciting video footage of that match, in which Barcelona lost two valuable points in the title battle, where the leader of “Barca”, Lionel Messi, appeared angry at Idr Sarabia, assistant coach of the Catalan team, Kiki Sittin.

At one of the moments in the break, in which the players stand to drink water and receive instructions from the coaches, Sarabia tried to instruct Messi, but the latter did not pay him any attention, as he ignored him and uttered incomprehensible words, which raised the surprise of the Barcelona coach assistant.

Barcelona coach Citin was close to the scene, but he did not interfere in the dialogue between his assistant and Messi, and he was content with observing the situation.

This, and the Spanish newspaper “Marca”, published yesterday, Sunday, a report that revealed that coach Sittin lost the confidence of many players, and that they ignore him when he talks to them in the changing room and during the games stopped to drink water.

Barcelona’s position has become difficult in the Spanish league, where the fate of crowning the title is no longer in his hands, and this remains dependent on the stumbling of rivals Real Madrid, who leads the “La Liga”, two points behind the “Barca” six stages before the end of the competition.

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